Short overview of the regulations for A-ROSA cruises

Dear Partner,

In July 2018, the EU adopted new rules on package travel to strengthen consumer protection. This  has significantly impacted the processes involved in booking travel. 

In order to provide you with the best possible support, we would like to provide you with selected information on the new EU Package Travel Directive. This should give you peace of mind when booking an A-ROSA cruise. This information is by way of example and does not claim to be exhaustive. 

Please check the legal situation yourself if you combine other services with an A-ROSA cruise via a third party. 

Package Travel Directive

Download Form for informing the traveller in the case of a package pursuant to Section 657a of the German Civil Code.

Short overview of the regulations for A-ROSA cruises

In accordance with § 651a of the German Civil Code, a form (please see package travel directive PDF above) must be sent to the traveller prior to booking, which clearly states that the A-ROSA cruise is a package holiday and what rights the traveller is entitled to. The form can be found in the current A-ROSA brochure, on the extranet and as an attachment with every A-ROSA offer and booking. 

Travellers must be informed about all key information on the package holiday before the package holiday contract is concluded. 

As a travel agency you are obliged to forward any complaints or claims immediately to the tour operator, i.e. A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH. For further information please refer to our Terms and Conditions. 

We support you!

Where to find what?

A-ROSA offers the following assistance for the obligatory pre-contractual information: 

  • The package holiday directive form available through the following channels: 
  • Current brochure 
  • A-ROSA Extranet (without login) 
  • The specific list of services can be accessed as an offer description in our own A-ROSA booking engine on the Extranet 
  • Assistance with questions regarding correct entry and health regulations. 

In addition: 

  • Comprehensive crisis support with contact details in the travel documents. 
  • 24/7 emergency response to customer concerns 
  • Insolvency protection for the tour operator 

Special cases – additional services

Additional services booked through A-ROSA 
  • Customer books an A-ROSA cruise ending in Paris 
  • Other services offered by A-ROSA: e.g. flight or hotel in Paris 
  • Hotel in Paris 
  • A-ROSA package holiday directive form covers everything 
  • Easy handling for the travel agency 
  • No risk if you can prove that you have complied with the form and pre-contractual information requirements during the consultation process 
Additional services booked through third parties 
  • The customer books an A-ROSA cruise ending in Paris  
  • They then stay in a hotel for three days and hire a car. In doing so, they conclude contracts with different companies 

In this case, two forms are required: 

  • A-ROSA package holiday directive for the cruise 
  • Form for linked travel arrangements for the hotel stay and car rental 

Important: Please check the legal situation independently if you combine other services provided by third parties with an A-ROSA cruise. 

Special cases – group bookings


  • Travel agent buys a group allotment from A-ROSA and combines it with their own services or other third party services and promotes it as a complete package 
  • Total price is set by the travel agency 
  • Customer pays the travel agency and the travel agency then pays the service provider 

Travel agency = organiser with obligations, e.g. 

§ 651i: Rights of the traveller in case of travel deficiencies 
§ 651k: Remedy 
§ 651l: Cancellation 
§ 651n: Compensation 
§ 651o: Notice of defects by the traveller 
§ 651p: Permissible limitation of liability; set-off 
§ Sect. 651q: Tour operator's duty of assistance 
§ Section 651r: Insolvency insurance; security certificate 
§ Section 651t: Advance payments 

  • The travel agency buys a group allotment and promotes it at the tour operator price without any additional services 
  • Any possible additional services offered must be advertised, booked and invoiced separately. 

NOTE: The travel agency can still become the tour operator at a later stage if services are changed and/or combined. 

Important: The Package Holiday Directive form and safety certificate must always be issued in a traceable manner. 

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